Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment in Medellin


Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment in Medellin, Colombia

The hyperbaric oxygen treatment in Medellin, using a hyperbaric chamber is commonly used as a compliment to various types of health related treatments for men and women from all over the world. Hyperbaric therapy involves exposing the body to oxygen under pressure, allowing the body to take in up to three times more oxygen than what is normally absorbed by breathing under normal conditions.

How does Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment work?

hyperbaric-chamber-medellinThis type of oxygen therapy has been used successfully in the United States to treat various health related problems and it has even been recognized as an approved treatment for some illnesses by the (FDA) Food and Drug Administration. Because this therapy increases the levels of oxygen in the blood, it helps body tissues recover from injury quicker. It also helps the body fight infections because body tissues need a good and steady supply of oxygen to function properly. The increased amount of oxygen that is carried in the blood as a result of the hyperbaric oxygen therapy, reaches the tissues and makes them stronger so as to resist virus attacks and fight infections.

In Medellin we are authorized to provide hyperbaric oxygen treatment

Oxygen therapy with hyperbaric chamber is a medical treatment, therefore, it must be supervised by medical personnel. So, do not be fooled by therapies like this offered in non-medical aesthetic centers. In Colombia there are very few authorized places that can legally provide this type of therapy, we are one of them. If you`re interested in finding out how our hyperbaric chamber can help you, contact us today!

Benefits of hyperbaric oxygen treatment

Some of the benefits of oxygen therapy with a hyperbaric chamber are:

  • Helps in the post treatment of strokes and aids in the treatment of bone diseases.
  • It is also used to treat carbon monoxide poisoning or excessive smoke inhalation.
  • Used in the US to treat divers when they experience decompression sickness.
  • It has proven to be very effective in treating burns.
  • It makes wounds heal much faster.
  • Very helpful for diabetics, in the treatment of wounds which have not healed properly.

The benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy are varied and differ depending on the objectives of our patients. However, it is used as part of alternative treatments for many specific conditions, with awesome results. Nowadays, the hyperbaric chamber in Medellin, is being used every day for anti-aging treatments and the benefits are visible very quickly. Men and women benefit from this type of alternative therapies in the same way, because the extra oxygen their body absorbs works to improve their tissues regardless of their gender.

Other uses of hyperbaric oxygen treatment

Besides the ones mentioned above, it is also used as part of treatment for certain respiratory conditions. Additionally, hyperbaric oxygen treatment in Medellin by way of the hyperbaric chamber, has been used often by high-performance athletes and others in general, as therapy to improve their performance and to recover from sports injuries. Furthermore, it is used as anti-aging therapy, given that oxygen has a rejuvenating effect on tissues. This in turn is reflected in the skin. In addition, oxygen serves as an antioxidant agent which provides skin toning and elasticity.

Hyperbaric Chamber in MedellinAs part of our services in our alternative medicine center in Medellin, we provide oxygen therapy through individual hyperbaric chambers. Our patients enjoy a comfortable and private environment during their therapy sessions. So that they can maximize the benefits of their treatment. Our patients say that oxygen therapy in a hyperbaric chamber renews their energy. They also tell us, it makes them feel like new at the end of each session.

Additionally, some of them mention that they opt for this type of therapy because they feel the need to give their body a dose of pure oxygen. So they can counteract the effects of the pollution they have to endure on a daily basis in the city.

Our center offers this type of alternative medicine and other treatments and therapies that help improve health and welfare. If you want to experience the benefits of our hyperbaric oxygen treatment in Medellin, contact or visit us today.